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Woman Concocts Renter Friendly Way To Hang Curtains

No need to drill holes!

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Renter-friendly hacks are a big thing here on DenGarden, and I can totally see why! After all, so many people live in apartments, dorms, or otherwise simply don’t want to mess up their homes and walls with something that will have to be potentially fixed later! That is why so many people have come up with various renter-friendly ways to make floors look better, create mirror walls, and more.

And we are adding one more to that list today with this super easy curtain hanging hack from TikTok creator CelesteJJ!


Okay, so one thing that many people have a problem with when it comes to making their home renter-friendly is hanging up curtains. After all, most curtain rods pretty much require you to drill holes into the wall, and, if they don’t, the solution is on the more expensive side.

Enter the cheap and easy-to-install broom holders. That is right, the peel-and-stick things that you would normally add to the back of the door to hang up your broom or mop is actually the perfect solution to your curtain rod woes. All you have to do is install them the same way you would on the back of your door, only horizontally instead of vertically.

The curtain rod then should slide into the clasp and be held securely up on your wall. You still get a clean and sleek look that can be easily removed, just like anything that is peel-and-stick, and even better, you can easily click down the curtain rod, change it out, and hang it back up without issue, all without ever having to drill a single hole in your wall!

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