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This Peel-and-Stick Tile Hack That Looks Like the Real Deal

Renter friendly DIY but make it glam.
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The convenience that comes with renting comes with the fact that if something goes wrong, you pull your phone out and call your landlord to come fix it. You don’t have to keep up with routine house maintenance such as yard work, your name isn't attached to any property tax bills, and you certainly have the freedom of deciding to pick up and move whenever you please.

The major drawback of renting is the harsh reality that you can't do any remodelling, major DIY interior design updates, or fancy customizations. There are however some nifty DIY’s that you can do as a renter that aren't going to cause any damage, make any holes, or remove any walls.

TikTok content creator and interior designer @the _avantgarde posted a video showing a renter friendly DIY hack that looks like the real deal.

If you are a fan of cooking chances are you want your kitchen to feel like a world class kitchen, dressed to the 9’s with fancy appliances, cool countertops, pretty pantries, and technical tile work. The peel and stick tile the woman uses in the dark stone grey looks like the real deal- and expensive deal at that.

The woman chose to keep the tile sheets the full size- you could always cut them down smaller- and place them on the back splash of her kitchen walls reaching up towards the hanging cabinets. She cuts out the areas where there are light switches and outlets, peels the backs off and sticks them directly onto the wall surface.

The final product looks just as good as an authentic smoky stone backsplash!

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