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Gardener Discovers the Literal Easiest Hack For Repotting Plants

It's such a simple hack, you'll wonder why you haven't been doing this all along.

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Whether you are into house plants or like to keep a potted outdoor garden repotting plants is always a time most plant people dread. While they are happy to do anything to keep their little plant babies alive, the process is messy and tedious, making it more of a chore than it really needs to be. Sometimes it even makes it rather daunting and we put off repotting those babies for longer than we should.

TikToker and gardener Lyndsay Miller might have the literal easiest way to repot plants so it never feels like a burden again. 


The purpose of repotting is to go bigger to give your plant more room to grow, so inserting the old planter into the new one as she does here is a great way to make sure you use the right amount of soil. Place the plant with the planter in the center and then fill in around it with dirt until the new planter pot's dirt is level with the rim of the old planter. Then remove it and your left with a nice mold to plop your plant right in. 

And If the planters are a huge height difference, simply add a health lay of dirt to the bottom so that it all even out. Truly, there is no measuring and no guesswork. 

We'll be keeping this in our back pockets for the many repotting days to come.