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Try This Simple Hack If You Struggle With Repotting Your Plants

The Struggle Is No Longer Real…

If you’re new to the world of plant parenting, it may be a little overwhelming trying to learn the ins and outs of caring for your plants. You have to water them, feed them and perhaps provide the best lighting to help them grow beautifully, but there’s more to it then just those basic steps. Once your plant overgrows it’s current pot as a result of your solid routine, or you simply want switch up the decor, it’s time to repot your plant. But exactly how does that work?

Well, thanks to Tiktok plant mama @lynnymillerr, we now have a super simple hack that takes the confusion out of rehoming your plant. No more guessing how much soil is too much or too little!


She simply places the potted plant in the middle of its’ new pot home and packs the new pot with soil all the way to the top. Afterwards, she removes the original potted plant and is now left with a mold. Lastly, she removes the entire plant from its original pot and places it into the mold and of course, it’s the perfect fit!

My mind is blown! It’s so simple and makes so much sense! How did we not think of this before?

As if this wasn’t an amazing hack on its’ own. TikTok followers flooded the comments with the best tips to accompany this genius hack. “You can also put packaging peanuts or empty water bottles in the bottom to take up space if the pot is big. Saves on dirt,” said one TikTok user. Another person commented “Put small rocks in the bottom for better drainage.” TikTok user @lofrommeatchicken provided another great tip "… plant them high they never die, plant them low they never grow.”

I love how this hack takes the guesstimating out of repotting. As a plant parent myself, I will definitely be using this hack!