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Woman Expertly Repurposes Her Old Candle Jars and People Are Totally Stealing This Idea

"Waste not, want not" must be a guiding principle in her life, because this TikToker can repurpose every inch of an old candle from the wax to the jar.

For all the candle lovers out there, we all know there is a point each jar reaches where it is beyond saving. You cannot possibly melt anymore wax without the glass combusting, even though there seems to be "plenty" scented wax left. Tossing it in the bin isn't ideal either, after all, no recycling plant will take a wax tainted jar. So instead of chalking it up as a landfill loss, this genius TikToker is making the absolute most out of her candle jars by repurposing.

Abby Alexis , who's account focuses on "routines, organization, and cleaning" walks followers through her step by step candle jar conversion and the results are pretty impressive. She begins by popping her candle into the freezer to completely solidfy the wax. She then bangs out the wax, removed the wick, and stores the scraps in a wax jar (more on that later).

She then sets to work on cleaning out the jar. She does a LOT of scrubbing and soaking. Once that's all done and dry, fill your jar with whatever you need stored. Our friend Abby chose to store a bunch of Chapstick. 

The leftover wax, for those who are curious actually ends up being used for her wax warmer, which emits a soft scent and burns the wax slowly from the bottom.

Now when we come home with a cart full of #32 candle jars, our significant others can't say boo. We are about the use the heck out of this.