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Watch This Artist Repurpose Mushroom Lights Into The Cutest Plant Stakes

We want these for our plants asap

It’s official — mushrooms are a “thing” right now. From making an adorable outdoor solar lamp to recreating an expensive HomeGoods lamp, social media creators are constantly showing us the cutest ways to incorporate mushrooms into our home décor, whether outside in our yards or inside our bedrooms.

Our latest mushroom find comes from TikTok artist Emma Foss of @ystreetstudio who shows us how she repurposed her mushroom lights into the cutest plant décor. She makes it look so easy!


How cute are these?! We’re amazed how she was able to make both the mushroom lights and plant stakes but, we’re torn. We loved the mushroom lights as is, but we also really like how she created plant stakes out of them and they complement the plants so well! 

Thankfully she shared the simple steps she took to create these plant accessories. All she did was remove the light from the mini mushrooms, took the top off and drilled into the bottom. Next she took a stem from a plant stake and shoved it into the hole before finally putting it into one of her house plants. So simple!

People in the comments loved this idea! “I need to try this!! My plants will look super cute with them!” TikTok user @karelytsosie commented. “Girl! I LOVE THOSE!” Another TikTok user @joeyhatesdixie wrote.

The creator says she plans on making so many more of these and adding them to her plants an we don’t blame her; these are so cute!