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Bride’s “Odd” Bolo Tie Request Turns Out To Be a Gorgeous Look

They looked incredible

When it comes to planning a wedding, the bride’s main concern is usually making sure the wedding looks flawless. However, having an absolutely stunning wedding doesn’t just consist of making sure the wedding decor is in order, the details of the bridal party is just as important.

While some brides prefer an over-the-top, regal look for their wedding, other brides want something a bit more low-key and different; and such is the case for a bride who requested that her artist sister @arejukiddingme make these cool bolo ties for the groomsmen.


As seen in the video, she created these bolo ties using real strawflowers! Aside from being beautiful and unique (especially for the occasion), the creator of these bolo ties claim that these cool ties are made of coated florals that won’t crush and their color ill not diminish over time.

We love how different the bride and groom decided to be with these cool ties rather than go the traditional route.

We’re not the only ones gushing over how cute these bolo ties are, viewers in the comment section like them just as much as we do, with some commenters questioning if she sells them.

Currently, she does offer these bolo ties for sale on her Etsy website, so if you’re looking to create a different look for your weeding or another special occasion, these bolo ties seem like a pretty good option!