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Woman Shows Off Her Van Retro-Fit And Even The WIP Is Stunning!

Now this is a home on wheels!

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Van life has become a huge thing as of late, especially as a part of the overall tiny-living movement which has been sweeping the nation. Most of this seems to be in response to higher cost-of-living and rent or home-buying issues, but there are a ton of people making the most out of their situations nevertheless.

We’ve seen, and been impressed, by a ton of them lately, and it never fails to stun us exactly what people can do out of the tiniest of spaces. Let’s take a look at one work-in-progress reno and just how far it has come, and where we see it going, in today’s article.


So Betty Brain from Tiktok has a 1973 motor home (and yes, it does show its age quite a bit on the outside) that she is currently in the process of retrofitting into being her new home on wheels. The van just so happens to be the perfect size for this - quite large and spacious while still fitting within the tiny-living aesthetic.

And to be honest, the wear and tear kind of lends itself well to the overall look!

What we love best about this is that Betty is doing most, if not all, of it herself. That goes for everything from stripping the entire back down to the metal frame, putting insulation and new flooring, ceiling framing, and more. She is putting a lot of love and care and effort into the project, which you can see in the mini-projects within from the gorgeous shower that we’d love in our own homes to the amazing sun roof that she self-installed!

Throughout the video, you can see the evolution of the interior from completely gutted to mostly redone, and the transformation is one that is truly jaw-dropping and you have to see to believe. So if you’ve been thinking about trying this out for yourself, maybe this is your sign to jump on in.