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Neighbor Shows Up On Ring Camera With Important Message For Homeowner

It's the little things in life!

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Sometimes our Ring cameras catch the oddest things - things we’d ordinarily miss or simply not notice. From random drunk couples stumbling their way up to a house that isn’t their own and leaving us with hilarious memories, or a delivery driver who leaves a plea for the homeowner to stop buying so many packages for her to carry!

But other times, the videos that are caught are less funny and more heartwarming, as is the case with Erin Elyse and the video her Ring camera recorded during an interaction with a neighbor.


When Erin saw that a neighbor she had never met was standing at her doorway, wanting to talk, she was a bit unsure to start. She didn’t remember anything having happened lately, or why her neighbor would be there. So she decided to respond, and what the neighbor had to say was incredibly surprising!

Said neighbor wanted to share her thanks and appreciation for Erin and her family for putting up all sorts of lights and decorations for the holidays. The lady had said that she had been getting up there in years, and without having anyone in her own family to really appreciate the spectacle, she’s stopped putting up her own decorations.

But being able to watch Erin put them up, to see her family and others who walked by enjoy the light show and decorations, was more than enough to warm her heart. What I love even more, though, is the fact that Erin and her family decided to take it one step further and return the kindness by going over and decorating Nancy, the neighbor’s, house for her!

This is a real example of showing kindness to others, and maybe it is your sign to do the same!

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