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If a Ring Is Stuck On Your Finger, This Is The Trick to Getting It Off

This trick literally saved this woman’s finger.

If you’ve ever experienced a ring on your finger that’s so tight it caused your finer to swell, then you already know it’s an uncomfortable feeling. Depending on how severe it is, you may be able to put in a little work and magically get the ring off, however, if it’s pretty bad and your fingers are swelling and turning purple, you may want to change course and seek help immediately. Which is exactly what this woman in this viral video did.

In the video that’s already amassed over three million views, TikTok content creator @kanekalina shared how this simple neat trick miraculously saved this woman’s finger. We’re amazed!


Who knew something so simple can do this much? For this finger saving trick, the nurse slid a flexible band between the woman’s ring and her finger and wrapped the band around the finger before slowly twirling the band around and away from the woman to remove the ring. This is a great option to use if you desperately want to remove the ring but don’t want to cut it off your finger.

Viewers in the comment section loved this trick, with many people saying this worked for them when they had a similar issue. However, one TikTok user offered another suggestion to remove a ring that shocked us. “Hmmm they used Windex at jewelry store....this looks cool too…” @michellec.50s wrote.

It’s great to have options, especially in this case!