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Baby Camera Catches Toddler Frozen With Fear as Rocking Chair Mysteriously Moves

This is every parent's worst nightmare.

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Any parent with a baby cam on their kids while they sleep will tell you that their worst fear is spotting something mysterious on the screen. There is always a part of the brain that is looking for faces in the shadows assessing danger surrounding our little ones. So when you actually see something awry on the screen, your heart sinks. 

Well this baby cam captures that exact moment for parents of a little girl who saw her rocking chair mysteriously begin moving. 


Before the rocking chair even begins moving, we see a little girl bolted up in bed looking in the corner where the rocking chair is and she begins to pull up her blanket to hide her face. If you look really closely, you can see the rocking chair begin to move slowly as it picks up speed. Mercifully her dad runs, somehow calmly, into the room and grabs her from the bed as she finally cries out. 

When we tell you we got *chills.*

Upon looking a little closer, commentators noted that it looked like the little girl was  in a trance, rocking in sync with the chair. Her dad's interruption was also haled as heroic, saying his calm demeanor kept her feeling safe and cared for.

Personally, we'd burn that rocking chair and move a few counties over.