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Woman Uses Pre-Built Ikea Book Shelf Siding to Make a Gorgeous Room Partition

It even holds her jewelry!

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IKEA, Home Depot, and Goodwill are usually the best places to find what you need for a budget-friendly DIY project. Such as turning a plain IKEA bench into a piece of art. But your options are endless, and sometimes you really only need a few things.

Let's get inspired by DIYer and TikTok creator Shayna, who shares in her video an inexpensive IKEA hack everyone needs. Let's get to it!

It looks stunning!

To get started, you'd need three pre-built Ivar shelf-sides from IKEA, wood stain in "Golden Ash" - as this gives it a natural appearance - some spare burlap fabric, some hinges, a staple gun, and some wooden dowels. Well, and probably some other tools to cut the dowels into the right length, but you can also get that done at Home Depot. 

After staining the sides and letting them dry, you'd prep the burlap fabric by ironing it. Then you'd staple it to the back of the sides. Next, you'd attach three hinges on each side, so it becomes a divider. And lastly, the wooden dowels need to be stained and dried, and these slide right into the holes of the sides - making them a perfect fit.

As you can see in the video, Shayna uses the divider to hang clothes and the adjustable dowels to hang her jewelry. Such a fun and cute addition to any dressing room. 

According to Shayna, this DIY project came out to to be around $82.50, as each Ivar shelf-side is $27.50. However, she also mentioned that this doesn't include all the other supplies, so roughly it's just under a hundred bucks. Still not bad at all. And the fun part is that it's your creation. 

But if you want something already put together for under $100, Amazon carries the Rose Home Fashion 4 Panel Divider for $79.99, which Shayna also suggested in the comments section. 

TikTok approved of this as well and begged for Shayna to create a series of IKEA hacks.

Yes, please!

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