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This Room Transformation Will Take Your Breath Away

This Room Transformation Will Take Your Breath Away

If you have been following social media trends for home remodel and home design you aren't shy to the “One Room Challenge” if you are new to the term the One Room Challenge it is a trend that follows people on social media completely transforming one room within their house. Bathrooms, kitchens, home offices, laundry rooms, and guest bedrooms.

 A wonderful example of the One Room Challenge is a recent video posted to TikTok from self taught design and remodelers @thenavagepatch. Their single room transformation is stunning, and much more useful.

The room the couple transformed was previously used as a storage room, one of those rooms you toss all your random things into, close the door, and forget about. They decided to flip the room and transform it into a beautiful guest room! They created a wonderful accent wall on the back of the wall behind the bed that is made up of different size boards cut at fun angles. They rip out all the old carpet and spray the walls a dark gray/green. The couple add a luxurious black and gold chandler in the center of the room and lay a light teak colored wood vinyl flooring. The room is tied together with gold sconces on each side of the bed, light fitting bedding and antique wooden night stands.

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