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Man “Pranks” Wife by Attaching Markers to Their Moving Roomba

She... is... furious.

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We like to say that the couple that pranks together, stays together. After all, we’ve seen plenty of couples on this channel who play and tease each other, sometimes beyond what we’d see as the natural limit, but it's typically all in good fun.

At least, until one of the two takes it just a bit too far, as is the case in this particular video where Nico Capone decided to ‘one-up’ his wife in the prank game to some pretty ear-splitting consequences.


When Nico’s wife came home, you can tell just from her expression that she is not all that amused with her husband’s newest prank. And to be honest, we probably wouldn’t have been either if we’d opened the door to see exactly what this poor woman saw.

You see, Nico had, in the time that his wife was gone, attached several easy-clean markers in multiple colors to their Roomba. This Roomba then went on its merry way all over their squeaky clean white tile floors, drawing some… interesting patterns. You can see all of the lines and even the roundabouts where the Roomba hit a wall, turned, and went another direction.

Unfortunately for Nico’s wife, she didn’t know these were easy clean markers. No, she only opened the door and immediately saw the utter disaster. You can see the horror in her eyes for .2 seconds before she starts charging up a scream that, remarkably, reminds us a lot of Kevin’s mom from Home Alone. It is a truly impressive scream, and if we don’t see another video from Nico anytime soon, we’ll know why!

So please, for the love of everything (and maybe even your marriage), don’t take a page out of Nico’s book, and maybe try a less messy prank!

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