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Woman Shares Simple Ross Hack To Save Money While Shopping

...Because who doesn't want to save a little extra money?

It’s safe to say that Target is the store that has many of our hearts. It’s the place where we can go in for one thing and easily walk out with several other items in tow. Target is also the place that continues to win many of us over simply because of their amazing hacks.

However, Target isn’t the only store that has some pretty great hacks. Ross is another favorite store that many people love for a few different reasons, including their great finds at low costs. As if that’s not enough to appreciate the store, TikTok user @kandykane2218 uploaded a video sharing a couple of hacks that can help you save even more money while shopping at the discount store!


As seen in the quick video, she shared what is called “Monday Markdowns,” in which some items are significantly marked down to a lower cost. In the video, a pack of Tommy Hilfiger underwear were originally priced at $17.99 but were marked down to a whopping 49 cents!

That’s an unbelievable deal already, however the opportunity to save money doesn’t stop there. On Tuesdays, the store offers a senior citizen discount that gives senior citizens age 55 and over the chance to take an extra 10% off their purchase.

We love how some stores are now offering multiple ways for consumer to save money, especially nowadays when we’re all looking for additional ways to cut costs. What a nice incentive to offer to their shoppers depending on the days in which you choose to shop!