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There’s An Easy Hack For Getting Those Yellow Rubber Cleaning Gloves Off

Where as this secret been all out lives?

I love having a clean home, but if I can’t get to the entire home, one thing I absolutely won’t skip on are washing my dishes. I’ve said it before, washing dishes are my jam, so I have no issue cleaning my dishes throughout the day.

However, just as much as I enjoy cleaning the dishes, I enjoy having moisturized hands and cuticles, so I always make it a point to wear my cleaning gloves. The only issue I run into when wearing my gloves are they can sometimes be a hassle to take off. Thankfully, though, I came across this amazing cleaning gloves hack from TikTok user @sidneyraz.


Who knew that simply running cold water over those yellow cleaning gloves was all it took for them to easily slide off?! I had no idea before seeing this video. Apparently, this hack was news to some viewers in the comments as well. “Where was this like an hour ago? I struggle so much,” TikTok user @galactiktoks wrote. “Why did that just hit me??? It makes so much sense,” @yokaislayer93 commented. Another TikTok user even gave us an additional lesson and tip regarding this method “Science! Hot and cold compression vs expansion! It also helps with jar lids!! Run the lid under hot water, twists right off,” @neonnnikki shared.

There you have it. Another great hack to add to your arsenal, courtesy of TikTok.