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Woman Puts Dozens Of Rubber Snakes In Garden For Brilliant Reason

We might be hitting up the dollar store soon too!

As someone who spends a lot of time outside gardening, I am always looking for new hacks. Luckily #PlantTok and #GardenTok usually have my back with cool gardening tips, and it seems like they pop up every other day, I am finding some new use for a random ‘something’ I already have in my house. But there are those occasional hacks that come up with ideas that I literally would never have thought of in a hundred years but, at the same time, seem so simple that I don’t understand why it has not been done before.


This hack, brought to us by TikTok user Rebecca (seedstheday), involves a simple toy that you can purchase from any local grocery store. Many of you may already have one, or at least your kids might. All it takes is a couple of those super-cheap plastic snakes, preferably in brighter colors, that you then toss down throughout your garden. Why you may be asking?

Well, if you are a gardener, you have likely come across the issue of pesky animals hanging out and chewing up your brand-new vegetables. Rabbits, deer, and even birds all like to swoop in and eat both seeds and whatever you have grown long before enjoying the fruits of your labor. This simple hack of putting plastic snakes in your garden is there to ward off these animals as they naturally want to avoid snakes. You may get an odd look or two from your neighbor, but hopefully, you’ll also have many more vegetables making it to your kitchen table.

And commenters are flocking in, with some lending some extra handy details and tips to go along with the original hack. One commenter recommended using landscaping pins to help hold the snakes down so they wouldn’t get washed away if it rains. Meanwhile, others warned viewers to remember that they had put down the snakes, lest they forget and suddenly think their garden is full of slithery critters.