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Illustrator Creates Rubber Stamps of People's Faces And It's So Cute

This is perfect for wedding invites

Wedding planning is very meticulous, even down to picking the wedding date and venue requires a lot of thought depending on certain details. However, once you have both the date and wedding venue picked out, next thing on the wedding planning list is are the invites.

While designing your wedding invite may seem like a simple task that doesn’t require too much thought, it’s actually a big deal. After all, invites are the first peek into your wedding aesthetics and sets the tone for your what your guests can somewhat expect of your wedding, so this is when you want to be creative.

Thankfully, illustrator and TikTok creator @saltandpaperca shares the perfect creative way to add a personal touch to your wedding invites - custom portrait stamps of you and your partner’s faces!


We love the amount of detail that went into creating this! These rubber stamps are so unique and are the perfect way to have your wedding invites stand out. We’re not the only people in love with this special idea! The people in the comments section love them, too!

“Immediately saw this and went to order. Saw that you’re sold out, bummed but goodness do I see why!” one TikTok user said. “Wait!!! The skill though!!! Guys, can we appreciate the skill!? This is TALENT,” @laaauraaa92 wrote. “I wanna do this for my best friend! She’s getting married next may,” @megan_mae commented. “Omg I LOVE this!!” @_nathb wrote.

Wedding invites are more than just a simple letter in the mail and this is one of the best creative ways to prove that when planning your wedding.