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Woman Takes Kitchen Floor Mat to the Carwash and You Won’t Believe the Transformation

Also, who knew you could take rugs to the carwash?!

It’s no secret how much traffic our kitchens receive on a daily basis. Because the kitchen is likely one of the most popular areas in the home considering it’s where we prepare and cook our food and gather to eat multiple times a day, the kitchen sees a lot of activity. As a result, our kitchen rugs get a lot of action and tend to reflect it. And while we should wash our household rugs on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, sometimes we need something a bit more powerful than our washing machine; and that’s when the neighborhood car wash comes in handy.

Knowing this, TikTok content creator @prairiestylehome completely transformed her kitchen rug by opting to wash it at the car wash and we are completely shocked by the difference between the before and after!

Are you just as stunned by this transformation as we are? All she did was clip the edge of her kitchen mat to the clips that are typically used to clean the car’s floor mats and used the power washer to spray down the entire rug. Instantly we are able to see the rug’s true cream color show through after she power washed away the dirt that his the original color.

Just like a lot of her followers and viewers in the comment section, we are all shook by both the transformation and the great idea of deep cleaning our rugs at the car wash!

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