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Woman Shows How Her DIY Rustoleum Sink Held Up After 2.5 Years Of Use

She also shared how to touch it up too!

When doing DIY projects, there aren’t too many cons considering you’re likely saving a ton of money doing the project on your own, however the main downside is that sometimes, depending on the project, you may have to do a touch up every now and again to refresh the appearance. Even then, it’s highly likely that completing a touch up doesn’t require a lot of funds to do it.

And such is the case with TikTok content creator and avid DIYer @olive.bloom. Her DIY Rustoleum sink held up for quite some time before having to touch it up and we’re impressed!


As seen in the video, after two and a half years of daily use, she only has a few chips that show a peek into her previous sink color, which was a bright yellow. To touch it up, she used Rustoleum’s Tub and Tile Touch Up and it looks brand new!

Viewers took to the comment section to share their thoughts and even offered some tips. “They have like raised plastic grates that keeps the dishes off the bottom of the sink. Might make it last longer. Looks awesome though! @livin_life_lombardi shared. “Rustoleum appliance epoxy works great too. I find it’s more durable than the tub/tile kit.” @jaclynveeyoung commented.

Considering how long the paint lasted and how cheap it was to do, we’d say this is a good DIY to try if you wanted to switch up your sink’s color.