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This Person’s Salt Lamp Caused Massive Water Damage to Walls and You Will Want to Know Why

FYI salt lamps are not just aesthetic.

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Ah, the beautiful yet often innocuous salt lamp. I love having one up in my own house just for the diffuse lighting that is a bit better than flickering candlelight or harsh overhead light, but supposedly they have plenty of other benefits as well, ranging from cleaning and deodorizing the air to offering better sleep and concentration! Whether or not these are true or not, I have no idea. I just think they’re pretty.

Well, poor Kyra of KCaptures over on TikTok recently found that her own salt lamp had the surprising effect of soaking the wall it was near with a ton of water, and internet sleuths quickly got down to the cause of her issue!


So Kyra recently came home and went to go check on her house when she came across a mighty surprising find… Her salt lamp, which was up on its perch near the wall, had somehow become completely soaked through. There was water all in and on her wall, as well as drenching the bowl that the lamp sat in.

But how?

Well, come to find out, salt is hygroscopic in nature - meaning that it naturally pulls in moisture from its surroundings. Kind of like a ready-made dehumidifier. Any water that is in the air, or even on the other side of a wall that gets a bit too cold, is going to be pulled towards the lamp, soaking everything it is sitting on or around, as well as leaving you with a bowl of water!

Luckily it is an easy fix - put your salt lamp somewhere away from walls and other water sources! You should be able to enjoy your lamp with no further issues, especially not bowls full of water!

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