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Grandmom Buys Up a Block of Houses and Gives Them to Her Family

This is called creating generational wealth.

Nothing is better than having a tight bond with your family and having them live close to you. So close, that you could actually walk over to see your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. 

TikToker @mzprettydope shares in her video how lucky she is because her grandmother made sure the family is taken care of and everyone is close by.

Wow! This is probably one of the best investments anyone can make. And grammy has five kids!

If I had a big family, this would be so cool. It would also prevent youngsters from getting caught up in the wrong crowds. Then again, you might not have a lot of privacy, as you might find yourself constantly occupied with family members since they know where you live. 

Everything has its pros and cons, that's for sure.

Regardless, if it might not be ideal - grandma certainly provided for her family and made sure nobody is left behind. Houses are expensive, so what's better than having your grandma as your landlord? Right - nothing!

The TikTok community also thought this was a nice and smart move. 

One TikToker posted,

"Your Gma was the BOSS, one of the best gifts you can leave your children."

That is true.

Another one also commented,

"Family over everything."

Yup! Especially having a big family. 

Grandma certainly understood the assignment, as another TikToker pointed out. 

Oh, we know! Because this is definitely a tough one. 

Many people also pointed out their grammy did that too and this is how it should be done. Now they can pass this on to the next generation.

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