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Man Has Incredibly Smart Hack For Cleaning Sand Out of the Car

Summer beach trips without the consequences...

Sand and sunburns have to be two of the most unfortunate side effects of going to the beach. Lucky for most of us, a little bit of sunscreen can take care of sunburns before they start, but sand has always been an issue. Even if you are as careful as can be when getting in and out of your car, there still seems to be piles of sand left in your vehicle’s carpets by the time you make it home. Days later, you drag out the vacuum cleaner, or maybe you take it to try and get it detailed, an expense many of us do not want to deal with.

What if I told you one person had come up with a great hack for making clean-up, if not a breeze, at least a little bit easier? 


In this video, TikTok creator Lanie shows us a new and interesting way of using a household tool some of us may already have on hand. A simple back massager, or massage gun, is used to essentially ‘beat’ the sand up and out of the floor’s carpet. While watching the video you can literally see small clouds of sand flying up into the air at high speed, only to get sucked up into a handy vacuum hose held nearby.

And yes, while I’m not sure why a massage gun was the thing someone thought of when it came to cleaning their cars, I am also not complaining. I will take any chance to save money and not have to take my car to get it professionally detailed. It seems like I am not alone in that, either, with multiple commenters saying how they were going to run out and try this hack today. Even detailers are mentioning how they will add this hack to their businesses.

After all, as one commenter mentioned, ‘work smarter, not harder’.