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Texas Professional Planter Shares Easy Remedy to Save Burnt Orchids

He's in Texas so he clearly knows what he's talking about!

Whether you’re experienced with plants, or are completely new to caring for them, one thing is for certain —it’s a sad moment when you witness your plants suffering. While some plants are quite easy to care for (we see you, snake plants), others are a bit more high-maintenance and require a little more TLC.

One plant in particular you have to show a little extra love to is an orchid plant. Although beautiful, if you don’t have a consistent maintenance schedule that you follow for the delicate plant, then they can easily start to wither. However, the good news is, you can salvage your orchid plant, thank to this easy video tutorial from plant care expert and TikTok content creator, @tannertheplanter.


in the one-minute video, Tanner takes us step-by-step showing us how to save a burn orchid. The first step is to remove the plant from its’ pot and using your hands to remove the soil before cutting off all of the dead, mushy and paper-thin roots with sanitized scissors. Next, he takes the same alcohol that he used to sanitize the scissors and removed the dead leaves. Afterwards, he sprayed the remaining healthy roots with some water and applied long fiber sphagnum moss orchid bark to the roots before repotting the plant and adding more moss to fill the plant.

If you’re currently dealing with an orchid plant that may be on its’ way out, try this remedy and remember to keep as many healthy leaves as possible. Also, be mindful of not keeping these precious plants in the heat, or you’ll run the risk of them burning easily.