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This Woman’s Save vs Splurge List for First Time Homeowners Really Helps

This sure helped us!

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Think back to when you rented or bought your first home - you were super excited, weren’t you? Or maybe you weren’t so excited and everything just stressed you out… that is also a super realistic thing to have happened as well. Either way, you likely had to fill your new home with new things, along with whatever you had brought with you along the way, but how much of that stuff did you actually need?

Well, TikTok creator Lucy Kalice has made it just a bit easier for those of us who may be looking into purchasing or moving for the first time with this easy-to-follow save versus splurge list that really lets you in on the secrets behind where your money should be spent!


So, let’s start off with two things you absolutely should be splurging on, according to Lucy. The two big things, and things that you will use pretty much every day no matter who you are and where you live, will be a couch and your mattress. For many of us, if you aren’t on one or the other, then you probably aren’t in your home. It makes sense to really put some cash into these purchases as they’ll last longer, and help create the overall vibe in your house that you’re looking for.

Next, you can really save on your bedside tables. There are plenty of affordable options out there, or you could always go refurb to save even more cash, and realistically there just isn’t a reason to have super eye-catching bedside tables. You can also save a bunch of money on mirrors - even nice looking ones! Keep on the lookout for sales on Facebook marketplace, or just upcycle existing mirrors you might already have!

For the rest of your save versus splurge pieces, check out the rest of Lucy’s video! You might find yourself a bit surprised by some of her suggestions, but honestly, they really make sense once you sit down and think about them!

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