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Woman's DIY 1-Ingredient Hack Gets Rid Of Weeds 'For Good'

If weeds ravage your sidewalk, you need this California Bay Area teacher's tip in your back pocket.

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Weeds can feel like the bane of any gardener's existence. The vice grip they have on our lawns and our flower beds is infuriating. Not matter how much weed barrier we lay down or how much money we spend on herbicides, those suckers come back week after week. But what is perhaps the most vexing are the weeds that pop up through the cracks of our pavement and cemented areas. They feel impossible to get to the root, and as a result, come back with a vengeance after merely pulling them. 

Apparently though, all of that stress is extremely unnecessary. As Nieka Richard, a California bay area based teacher who moonlights as a home gardener, points out, all you need is this natural, simple ingredient: Water.


Scalding hot water when  poured directly onto the weed singes the taproot and makes it impossible for the weed to grow back. It destroys the plant and kills the bacterium that makes it possible for the weed to thrive. So all that needs to be done afterward is to simply pluck it and boom! Weeds gone forever. 

Richard noted that you cannot do this method in flower beds however, because the scalding water will kill your plants too. To prevent weeds in flowerbeds? Simple. Spread around used coffee grounds. Not only do they prevent weed growth, they fertilize the plant as well. 

Since herbicides are so harmful for the environment, the kindest way to rid weeds from your property that aren't surrounded by flower foliage is to scald them. It saves the earth and your wallet!