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This Simple Cleaning Hack Removes the Toughest Kitchenware Stains and We're Amazed

Simply genius!

As a busy mom who also works full-time and has a handful of things to do daily, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities that’ll make my life easier, even if it’s a slight difference. One of my many daily tasks is maintaining a clean home and while I actually like washing the dishes, I absolutely despise the moment when I have to thoroughly scrub a dish that has the most stubborn stains.

Thankfully, TikTok users @jettsetfarmhouse, whose account is dedicated to providing cleaning hacks and tips to their four million plus followers, recently shared this genius simple hack that easily removes the most difficult stains from your kitchenware!


Mind is blown! I had no idea that simply dipping a Scrub Daddy sponge in a bowl of ice water for a few seconds can do this! This trick makes the sponge become a very heavy duty scrubber that easily and quickly removes the stubborn stains. I had no idea about this hack and apparently I wasn’t the only one. “Wow! Did not know this!” wrote TikTok user @southernstyleandhome. However, there were some people who were well aware of this incredible hack with one of their followers @meganndillon commenting “I just saw the original video of the creator of scrub daddy go on shark tank and he explained this in that! It’s awesome you’re helping everyone else!”

Yes, I’m relieved to have come across this simple hack! I’m pretty sure it’ll come in handy tonight after dinner.