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New Home Owners Find Secret 'Feature' Hidden Under Lawn Grass

What a cool discovery!

Home renovation shows are some of my favorite shows to watch. I enjoy watching the houses get torn apart, only to be made anew at the end. However, the most enjoyable part of the show is the process in between, when the renovators are sometimes able to find an original piece to the home that they opt to include in the home renovations as a way to keep some of the home’s originality.

And this is exactly what TikTok user @homesweetvictoria did when she and her husband unearthed something pretty cool growing underneath the grass!


In the video, the mom of seven shows her husband and one of her kids power washing some stones that were underneath the grass. As they continued to power wash the area, they discovered a stone-paved path that went all the way back to the stairs on both sides of the lawn of the family’s dream home, which happens to be a 1915 mansion that was once empty for years.

Seriously, the stone path is so beautiful and what’s even better, it didn’t cost them anything to have it installed by a landscaping company!

Viewers in the comment section were just as amazed at the beautiful discovery as we were.

“That's one of the prettiest stone paths I've seen, and for free,” said one user. “I love it when a back yard turns into an archeological dig! Looks great!” Another user commented.

Hopefully, this stunning discovery is a pathway to another beautiful surprise that we anxiously await to see during this renovation!