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People Cannot Get Over This Man's Secret Bar That Disappears Into the Wall On Command

Now you see it, now you don't.

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They say that every house has that "one thing" that makes it wholly special and unique. It could be a super functional feature, or a quirky design. For Dean Douza, a husband and homeowner, that "thing" is without a doubt the secret bar he built that retracts in and out of the wall on demand with the help of Amazon's Alexa.


"Alexa, it's been a long day," Douza calls out to his smart home device.

"Then I suggest you have a drink," she responds as the wall in the corner of his home bar opens up to reveal a hidden bottle rack full of liquor. The automatic shelf is expertly hidden behind a stone backsplash that makes an opening seam nearly undetectable. 

Followers were gobsmacked by the high-tech home display, and jokingly marveled that this TikToker was "rich-rich," to which Douza assured them he was just an average husband with a knack for engineering.

Another cool feature is that the "command" can be programmed to respond to anything Douza sets it too, which he proved in a recent TikTok he made for his friend's birthday. 


All joking aside, this is one incredible feature we don't think anyone would say no too. Hopefully Douza follows these two videos up with a full tutorial so we could do it too!