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Artist Pulls Off Gorgeous Wedding Painting Surprise Thanks to Mother of the Bride

We’re not crying, you are!

Weddings, large and small, are beautiful. It is about the joining of two hearts as they pledge themselves to one another, even without the surrounding glitz and glam that alone should be celebrated. It is a time for family to get together or for two people to simply say their vows before whoever is officiating their bond. It is a special, spectacular time and the memories never last long enough.

So what do you get when you combine a beautiful ceremony, one mother wanting to gift her daughter a memory she’ll never lose, and one excellent artist?


Tiktok creator and, quite simply, wonderful painter Alyssa Love brings us a video that makes me, and many of the commenters it seems, want to cry tears of joy. She starts by saying this was a secret, a gift from mother to daughter, and the fact that the bride has no idea what this stranger in the back is there for makes it all the better.

We get a few shots of the ceremony, then the reveal: Alyssa has been painting that first kiss moment, capturing that one perfect shot in a gloriously authentic and memorable way for all time. There is something about the painting that, even though unfinished, speaks to the truth about the moment. It is about two people in love; the rest of the world has just gone away for that second.

Commenters are raving in the comment section, or even crying. In fact, one viewer even mentioned how they were crying with a ‘mouthful of Cap’n Crunch cereal.’ Best of all, we have a reveal, and you can see the bride’s reaction here