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Texas Family's Secret Room Reveal is Our New Home Goal

Why didn't our home come with one?

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When I was a child I loved to look through any house I was in, including my own or my grandparents, looking for some sort of hidden treasure or secret room. I am sure that many of us did the same, or went out into the backyards and gardens, searching for any sign of something magical tucked away in some strange corner.

Of course, for many of us, this never happened, but for the Wyn Family out of Austin, they actually did find a secret space in their home!


Now, the Wyns have known that their home had a secret space ever since they moved into the place, but they never had the time to check it out. And to be fair, the space is a bit… interesting to reach. There is what seems to be a ‘small’ nook just over the door. Well, not directly over the door, but rather pretty far up near the ceiling of their home, putting it probably at over fourteen feet up!

This meant that to get up there, the Wyns needed a long, long ladder and a bit of courage. Finally, they managed to get both, and up they clambered, continuing upwards past the point where I would have turned tail and started back down instead, and what they found was the cutest little space - either a large nook or a very, very small room, hidden at the very top!

The best part about this room has to hands down be the view - the Wyns can easily see out over the entire neighborhood and I can only imagine how nice it would be to climb up there with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and just watch the world pass by on a misty morning or stormy evening. I, for one, can’t wait to see what they do with it, and can only hope that one day I’ll find a hidden room all of my very own!

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