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I am not too proud to admit that I love me some Dungeons and Dragons. And yes, I do mean the role playing game that first came onto the gaming scene in 1974. For anyone unfamiliar with it, it’s a game of imagination, dice rolling, and a surprising amount of math. What really makes the game an experience is having a setting that thrusts you into a fantasy world, and what better way to do that for your players than a secret lair with a custom gamer table?

That is exactly what one dad and Dungeon Master did in his basement. TikToker @speedyisme built his fantasy oasis in an already pretty nerdy basement entirely himself. To access this incredible gaming space, you need to pull the right book off of his seemingly ordinary bookshelf which actually leads to a secret room.

If you need a moment to collect your jaw off of the floor it’s ok. I’ll wait.

Pulling that magical book lever pushes back the bookshelf and leads you into a what can only be described as a D&D oasis. A larger table with a LED lit whiteboard for terrains can comfortably seat seven players and one Dungeon Master. Each station folds out and has enough room for players to roll their dice, update their character sheets and partake in some delicious mead.

The crafty Dungeon Master spared no expense, and even decorated it to look like a dimly lit tavern and expertly made minis.

Whether or not you love the game, you have to admit having a secret lair is total #housegoals. When can I come over dude?!