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Security Camera Catches Toddler Waving To 'No One' As Dad Tucks Him In

Who are you talking too kiddo?

They say that children are more open to paranormal experiences than we adults are. Perhaps it is their innocence and their will to believe the impossible. Their ability to accept things at face value doesn't hinder them from seeing through the cracks, so it is widely believed that kids more easily pierce the earthen veil.

While the thought of that could be down-right terrifying, for some it is oddly comforting. The entities that show themselves to children are often thought to be loved ones popping by for a quick "hello." At least that's what TikTok mama Stace  (@staceymacg) hopes to be true and she recently shared a rather interesting video her security camera happened to catch.


In the video, the young boy looking and pointing toward an empty corner and asking his father "what's that?" As the dad looks and confirms there is nothing there, you can hear the young boy let out a small giggle and began saying "hi" while waving. He looks totally comfortable and not scared at all, while dad looks a little weirded out.

The TikToker went on to explain in the comments that recently the family had lost a matriarch in her "Granny Bell," and felt that it was her coming by for a quick visit.  

"I like to think this was her. He always had big smiles for her and loved her to bits," she wrote.

Commentators agreed that the energy of the video seemed good and that the child seems to be comforted by the inexplicable presence.

While we can't exactly explain what happened, we for one are glad to hear about a happy haunting. If your home is going to be filled with spirits, they ought to be ones who love us just as fiercely from the other side.