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Family Selling Daughter’s Childhood Home Let’s Her Do the One Daredevil Thing She Always Wanted To

Mom was NOT happy! (But we think dad may have wanted to try!)

Selling the family home is never an easy process, and there will be plenty of times that you will look back on times spent and memories made there in both fondness and sadness. But some pretty unusual (and even cool) things can be done once the house is sold.

One thing - trying out that one daredevil stunt you were never allowed to attempt while still living there.


This situation is precisely what Maggie Thurmon, aka Mags, found herself in when her mom and dad sold her childhood home. While definitely sad, there was also the idea that Mags could finally live all her Spiderman childhood dreams.

Mag’s old home is two stories, and on the top story, overlooking the living room is a railing. Her dream was always to jump off the top level onto some couches below, and even though the sofas have already been moved out, the empty space also presents an opportunity.

With an unhappy mom watching over her daredevil daughter, Maggie runs up to the top story and dangles off with the help of her ‘spotter’ dad. (Clock him, throwing the broom to one side to ensure he had both hands free just in case his daughter needed him!)

Maggie gets her once (or maybe a few more) in a lifetime chance to hop down from the second floor, even if there is no couch to bounce off of anymore. And we can tell that Dad obviously wanted to try to do it himself, but in this video, at least he manages to refrain. No telling whether or not he did it afterward, though!

So, would you have been brave enough to jump down? We aren’t sure we would have been, given the same circumstances!