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Woman Discovers Secret Product That Helps Remove Serious Smoker Stains

Watch it was everything away.
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There's a few things that can be a deal breaker when buying a house. Such things like, previous water damage that is bad enough to cause risk of mold poisoning and fungal growth, carpets, cracked, sagged or uneven foundations, this is what your house sits on so having an unstable foundations risk the longevity of the house, and personal safety, and serious smoke stains, this one is tough because tobacco smoke clings to surfaces and if bad enough creates large yellow stains that are nearly impossible to remove, and the smells never really goes away.

The thing about buying homes that have damage to them is they are typically a lot cheaper than if they didn't have those issues, now some things like a cracked foundation, and mold if bad enough you can fix, which may be a deal breaker. Cigarette smoke damage can be fixed which TikToker and a recent home buyer of a house filled with cigarette stains @amandakshepard shows us just how easy they are to clean with one magical product.

The woman's house is covered with cigarette smoke stains, larger than anything we have ever seen before. These yellow stains are nearly impossible to remove because they are made up of tar in the nicotine, creating a goopy yellow/brown substance that when dry is extremely difficult to remove.

The woman uses one product in a rage to get the stain off; engine degreaser. It may seem harsh but it gets the job done, real well in fact. She uses a rag with the solution and rubs the stains, and in just a few swipes the degreaser breaks down the tar and removes the section of stain she is wiping!

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