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The concept of "fake it 'til you make it' is a viable tactic in so many situations, and home decoration and organization is one of them. All it takes is a little repurposing of conventionally used objects and you'll find that some of your biggest organization issues resolved. One of the biggest problems people face is a lack of space. But small quarters doesn't doom anyone to an unaesthetically appealing home.

Kat May, a Greater New York area lifestyle influencer, has the perfect hack for anyone looking to free up some space on their countertops. Truthfully, whether your have a lot of counterspace at home or not, the high traffic area collects a lot of clutter easily. To remedy this, May suggests to specifically implement the use of a serving tray. 

Not loving the "randomness" of her kitchen counters, May came up with a simple solution to make things look more tidy and intentional. She took a uniquely shaped serving tray and repurposed it to collect her random counter items. She recommends using a serving board because they often offer a unique shape and nifty cutouts that make it look like it was destined for that space in the kitchen. While of course, you are free to use any serving tray you find attractive. 

The point is to contain the clutter and give an aesthetically appealing storage solution, so whatever gets you there, go for it!