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Woman Shows Us How to Beautifully Set The Table For the Summer Season

This is perfect for summer gatherings!

Now that the summer is here and the warm weather (or sweltering hot temperatures depending on where you reside) is settling in, now is the perfect time to a dinner party, whether outside in the backyard garden or inside with the A/C. Regardless of the location of the summer festivities, you want to make sure that your event is one that all of your guests will remember.

Aside from having delicious food and fun entertainment, it’s important to pay attention to the details. This means going beyond the dinner menu and music playlist and paying close attention to your table setup. However, if setting a table is something you struggle with, no worries! TikTok user @fivefootfeminine shows us exactly how to effortlessly set the summer table in the video below.


We love how she guided us through this quick step-by-step video and the bright floral table set is gorgeous! In addition to having the main dinner plate, she also included an appetizer plate, a pastel pink cloth napkin, pink glass adorned with a lemon slice and matching serving dishes. Of course, to tie everything together, she added a floral arrangement to the center of the table.

As expected, her followers loved the beautiful table set up and so do we! We’re so anxious to host our own summer soirée now thanks to this video!