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Watching Woman Clean a Handrail Will Have You Rethinking Shaking Hands

“EW” sums it up nicely.

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There's something about watching someone else clean that makes it seem like a much more relaxing activity. Maybe watching the woman in this video makes us feel that way because she seems so calm and peaceful while she cleans her handrail. Of course, when you watch this and think back to the last time you cleaned your handrail, maybe it wasn't as relaxing for you either! 

The handrails in your home, office, or other places you frequently visit may be covered in bacteria and germs — even if the surfaces around them appear clean. Even when you assume handrails have been cleaned regularly, they're still pretty gross.

It’s bad enough you have to see this in the first place. But if you think about it, what are the chances that she doesn’t have any germs on her hands? 

Some folks were pretty unsure whether the railing varnish was getting removed or if it was actually just dirty buildup. The comments were definitely... spicy.

@Danielle said it best, "Caption: please don’t say I’m taking off the varnish. Everyone anyway: You’re taking off the varnish."

"No, people. Varnish doesn’t come off that easily. IT'S DIRT." @RockinRobyn

And others were entertained by the internet's general aversion to germs and bacteria.

"Why is everyone so afraid of germs? You have to build an immune system somehow." @Nutritarian Girl

"If you're scared of handshakes and rails you really shouldn't check how much bacteria is on your phone." @Gru

Although folks brought up some pretty good points, there's one clear takeaway: Wipe down your railings and often touched surfaces, folks! That includes doorknobs, edges of the door, and more.

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