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Mom Figures Out Genius Way To Give Sisters Who Share a Room Their Own Personal Space

We love that room!

Growing up, many siblings know the somewhat struggle of having to share seemingly everything together. From favorite snacks to toys and video games, siblings have learned the art of sharing, even if they aren’t necessarily keen on doing so.

While many siblings may have adjusted well with sharing some things with their siblings, one thing everyone enjoys is having their own space, but, given that space may be limited in smaller homes, some siblings may have to share a bedroom, too. However, rather than just simply move tow beds into a room and let her daughters figure out how to bring their two different styles together and peacefully co-exist, this mom came up with a perfect way to give each of her girls their own space in this shared room!


Getting rid of the bunk beds, the mom got two twin beds and used a large cubby shelf to divide the room in half. One half was completely decorated with “Lilo and Stich” bedding and blue paint and décor, while the other sister’s space was decorated with yellow and bumble bee bedding. What’s even more cool about this room, the mom perfectly executed designs and decorations to reflect both of the sisters’ interests, all while working with limited space.

This is the perfect example of working with what you have!

We love both spaces in the bedroom and are amazed with how great of a job this mom did!