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Are You Kitchen Shears Dull? If So, You Need to Try This Easy Hack!

It's cheap and so easy to do!

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Kitchen shears are quite beneficial to have when you want to safely open a package of food without having to potentially struggle ripping open a package, cut fresh herbs or actually cut poultry into smaller portions. However, over time, shears will eventually become dull with regular use, so when this happens, it’s best to resharpen them to get them to working new again.

To sharpen your shears, you can always use the popular method — taking apart our shears and use a sharpening stone, however, if you’re looking for a more convenient method, then try this easy method from TikTok account @problemsolved.


According to the savvy problem-solving TikTok account, you can sharpen your kitchen shears by simply taking a large piece of foil and folding it multiple times before taking your shears and cutting little strips into the foil.

What we love most about his hack is that apparently it works without having to take the shears apart.

Some of their followers and viewers took to the comment section to share that this method technically doesn’t sharpen the blades of the shears, instead it it cleans and conditions the blades.

While we will have to test this hack to verify if it actually sharpens the shears, at the very least it appears that it conditions and cleans the shears which makes doing the easy hack worth it for that alone.