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After Some Trial and Error, Woman Comes Up with Solution to Get Sharpie Off Suede Couch

It took a little more than elbow grease...

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If you've ever tried to get Sharpie off suede, you know it's a real pain in the backside. There are so many different methods of trying to remove it. Here are some of the ones I tried!

It's a nightmare scenario for any parent: Your little one decides it's the perfect time to get out the permanent markers and use your couch as a canvas. You're too late, and suddenly your beloved suede couch has become a modern art masterpiece.

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to try every possible thing until you find the solution. This can be time-consuming, but with patience and some persistence, you'll end up with success. You may have heard of using car interior cleaner on suede couches before, but what if that doesn’t work? Well, there are other options!

Plenty of folks suggested this parent take an even more drastic, dramatic approach.

"Not me thinking she's gonna the entire couch after she get that arm done. 7 min problem turning into 7 hour project." @hyperfocuswithrobi

"Just throw the whole couch away." @h2727859

Clearly, people had issues with the couch itself. Frankly, suede is hard to clean - whether kids draw on it in permanent marker or not.

If you don't have a power brush (which is actually a car interior cleaning tool set), consider getting one for deep cleaning more than your couch. It can come in handy for cleaning tile and grout in the bathroom. You can also use it on your carpet for spot cleaning. And, with the right brush head, clean inside the oven, too.

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