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Man Shows Us the Magic Weapon To Use While Cleaning And It Will Surprise You

We would never have thought this worked!

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How many times have you gone to clean your home only to find that you are missing out on that one special cleaning spray that gets everything clean? Or maybe you’ve tried cleaning, only to keep seeing spots and streaks left behind? Well, never fear! One TikTok creator may have solved the riddle and come up with one of the last cleaning supplies you will ever need.

And you’ll never believe what it is.


Armen Adamjan runs a TikTok channel called Creative Explained, and you can bet that it lives up to its name. He has a lot of everyday living hacks and solutions to common problems that you didn’t even know you had, but in this video he is explaining how you can clean almost everything in your house with shaving cream.

Yes, really.

Shaving cream,the kind that foams and comes out of the can, is apparently the magic bullet when it comes to gunk and streaks, and if you don’t believe us, then you only have to watch this guy’s video! He goes around his house, cleaning up all sorts of different stains and minor disasters, and each and every time the shaving cream, along wtih just a little bit of scrubbing, seems to lift up the stain without any issue!

Throughout the course of the almost minute-long video, he cleans everything from stains in his mattress to his carpet, degreases his glass stove top, and even defogs his mirror as well as gets rid of all those toothpaste spots that seem to magically appear. And it doesn’t stop there, but we’ll save some ‘mystery’ for you at the end of the video!

And the last tip? Don’t throw away that end-of-the-paper roll! Instead, use that last little bit of paper on there to swipe off your mirror after you’ve cleaned it with that shaving cream. It works even better than a rag and you’ll be using it to the very end!