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Woman Proves Sherwin Williams Will Take Any Item and Color Match It

It's a completely free service.

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Have you ever spent hours scrolling through Pinterest looking for the perfect paint shade of forest green to match the color of your Monstera plant? Or maybe you’ve scoured the aisles of multiple department stores searching for the paint shade that closely resembled your bold terracotta plant pot. Well, if you’ve been itching to makeover your space with freshly painted walls, but are struggling to find the perfect shade that you can’t seem to describe, consider the issue to be a thing of the past!

As demonstrated in the video by TikTokself user and self-proclaimed “plant nerd,” @uniquesucculent, you can now take any item into a Sherwin Williams store and they can use their handy matching tool to help you find the perfect paint shade of your dreams!


She simply walks into a Sherwin Williams store with a beautiful, iridescent teal colored flower and takes it to a store representative where they whip out the tool, scan the flower and generate a top 10 list of colors that closely match its’ beautiful color. And just like that, we see the gorgeous color’s twin shade is “cascade,” which we have to admit, its pretty spot on!

TikTok viewers agree.

“Sherwin is a little pricey, but I LOVE that they can do this and they keep all my colors saved!” said one TikTok user. Another TikTok user said “Wait for real?! That could have me so many headaches.”


Consider the struggle to no longer be real thanks to this cool color match service.