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Woman's Faux Shiplap Ceiling Hack Would Fool Even Joanna Gaines

We'd never know if she didn't "expose" herself.

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When you've got good taste, sometimes that makes things get pricey. Is it truly your fault that you have a keen eye for design and an idea of what luxury at least looks like? Not at all dear friend, but, it goes mean you might have to get creative about how exactly to get the look you want for less. 

If hours of watching HGTV has taught us anything, it is that shiplap is one of the beautiful things that define a home, but admittedly costs a fortune. When it is the only thing you want for your ceiling and nothing else will do, you have only one choice: Fake it 'til you make it baby. That's exactly what Caitlin of @PleasantHillHome did for her ceiling and accent wall. 


That's right y'all, that gorgeous "shiplap" celiing is literally nothing more than thumbtacks and twine. Scaling a flarge scaffolding to get it set, she buried the tacks into the support beam in a way that doesn't give away. Then, she pulled the string taut and created the illusion of beams. She even did it on her accent wall, and that's pretty impressive, considering it could be easily examined up close.

Followers were in general shocked at how well her idea translated, many of them commenting that they'd have no idea it was twine if she didn't announce it. And the best part as someone so brilliantly pointed out is that this is easily changeable should they decide to go with a different design. 

Although it looks so great, I'm not sure we'd ever change it!