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Mom’s Shiplap Rainbow Is Perfect for a Kid Who Loves Colors

The muted rainbow look she went for is really cute.

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This mom took her kid’s room from boring white to a vibrant rainbow in just one day! The results are absolutely stunning, which is why we had to share it with you.

The shiplap wall is a great backdrop for the rainbow colors. I love how this mom decided to go bold with her design plan in this room because she knew it would be just right for her kid, who loves rainbows and bright colors!

Folks loved this idea - and we did, too!

"I actually love the color choice and the order. It’s unique and beautiful." @theGFam

"Heck yeah you do! What a cool idea!! Love this!" @It’sme

"My OCD could never with the paint choice arrangement but I’m glad it works for your daughter." @Smashbie

Shiplap is an easy material to paint, but it can be challenging to choose the right colors. Here are some tips to make sure your walls look their best in every shade of rainbow:

  • Choose darker colors for small spaces and lighter shades for large rooms.
  • Brighten up with white or off-white instead of using light pastels, which may come out too washed-out on shiplap siding.
  • Use bolder hues for accent walls—remember that a small space can be made more vibrant by adding just one pop of color around a door frame or window sill!

Now that you know how to make your shiplap rainbow, there’s no excuse not to make one for your kid. The project is easy and inexpensive, but most importantly, it allows kids to express themselves using color. That’s something they will appreciate as they grow up!

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