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Austin Woman's Shower Cleaning Hack Is Genius

Will definitely be stealing this.

So you’ve cleaned most of your house. You’ve already managed to get through the kitchen, the living room, and maybe even your own bedroom, or the kid’s rooms. Now it is time to tackle one of the places we all hate to clean the most - the bathroom.

The dreaded bathroom has so many areas that need extra careful attention and cleaning, and one of the worst places tends to be the shower. Many of us leave it to last, focusing on other areas first, but the truth is - you don’t have to, especially not with this super helpful tip that will make cleaning your shower a breeze.


Today’s helpful shower cleaning tip comes to us from a former housekeeper and current TikTok creator, Vanesa Amaro. So, for this tip, keep in mind that there are certain areas you need to remember next time you are cleaning!

The bottom of your shower products are often covered in gunk or might trap hair or soap, meaning that you will need to pick them up and rinse them off, but you also don’t want to have to move everything out onto a vanity and then back again.

So what are you to do?

Just grab a basket, like a simple plastic laundry basket. Preferably one with holes at the bottom. That way you can put it at the bottom of your shower, put all of your shower products inside, and rinse it off at the same time you are cleaning the rest of the shower.

Now here is the thing - you might not consider this THAT much of a hack. But there are a ton of people out there who never really had to clean, or at least were never taught to clean properly. If you hadn’t been told, or if you weren’t already used to cleaning, would you personally think of lifting up your soap bottles to clean beneath them, or would you just leave them where they were? This hack is for those, and to help make all our lives just a little bit simpler!