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Parents' Shower Curtain Liner Beach Hack Is Pure Genius

This is an essential tip for any parents bringing small kids to the beach this year.

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The first beach trip with your baby is going to be a memorable one. But if you're thinking the only memories you're going to have are of them gleefully splashing the ocean water and happily building a sandcastle you are very mistaken. While it is absolutely a beautiful experience, it is also a really tough one. Your simple cooler and two beach chair set up turns into a literal caravan of items for anything that they may need or want. If you thought the diaper bag to go to grandma's was a lot, you are in for a huge surprise. 

There are of course somethings that are essential and some that aren't for a beach trip. One weird thing that will be essential from this moment on? A shower curtain liner. TikTok mom Taylor Broadwater recently shared why she took one to the beach for her baby girl. 

Because the beach can get very hot and that is very different for babies to experience, it is essential you keep them cool. Also, babies get bored, even at the beach. Instead of packing a blow up pool, these guys had the genius idea of digging a hole, covering it in a thin shower curtain liner, and dumping ocean water in it for her to play with along with some bath toys from home. 

Trust us, moms everywhere are going "we need to do this." Not only will it help keep them contained, safe, and occupied, it is far easier to roll up and shake out a liner than it is to haul a mini pool. Just saying!