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Evidently We’ve Been Using Sidewalk Chalk Wrong Our Entire Lives

Who knew this!?

Outdoor crafts and games are a lot of fun for both kids and adults. I expect many readers here have fond memories of throwing around water balloons as children or going outside and drawing fabulous chalk art on the sidewalks around their homes. It is part of the reason why sidewalk chalk art is such a popular medium today. I still have no idea how those 3D chalk artists do what they do, but I can respect it.

But did you know that we might have been using chalk wrong this whole time?


As TikTok user Charlie Crumb hilariously talks about, chalk is great to use when dry but it may be an even better art medium by simply adding water. Yes, the same thing that washes our art away off of the sidewalk at the end of the day is the same thing that can make chalk just that much easier to use.

You see, chalk, as opposed to crayons, has the special ability to cause drag on a surface, allowing kids to "feel" what they create. When wet, chalk has a distinct texture and produces lines that appear thicker and softer. When drawing with wet chalk the lines will appear far smoother, while the colors themselves are more vibrant and opaque. Best of all, wet chalk is far easier to ‘layer’, meaning you can create depth in your artwork that isn’t possible with dry chalk.

So next time you head outside with the kiddos for a little bit of sidewalk art, try dipping it in water first. You can thank me (and TikTok) later!