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Watch Screened-In Windows Transform With Just a Few Yards of Lace

What a pretty alternative.

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Screens are a necessary accessory to have in your home for quite a few reasons, including protecting your windows, blocking the elements of the different types of weather and to prevent bugs from entering your home when you have the windows up and want to enjoy the nice breeze.

While any general screen can be beneficial to your home, TikTok user @cheetahme decided to upgrade her screens using lace and we love this elegant alternative.


As you can see in the video, she used a beautiful thrifted white laced floral and leaf pattern as her screen and cut out the excess material. Using the lace as a screen looks so pretty in the window as is, however, it’ll probably pop when paired with bright curtains.

Her followers and viewers took to the comment section to share their thoughts about his cute DIY. “Spray it with water repellent spray to make it water resistant,” @whispker26 shared. “Omfg, I'm running to the fabric store! This is gorgeous!” @thundercunt_79 commented. “All our grandmas and moms rolling in their graves on this one. I know both mine would’ve LOVED this,” @mkhuddi wrote. “Girrrllllll! This has to go viral! Best idea everrrr,” @kayamooncfh commented.

We love this cute and different alternative as well. Would you do this?