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This Silicone Mat Is a Crafter’s Dream

It’s the ultimate pop-up-work station.

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Crafting is a great pastime for many - a fine way to spend the evening or the weekend and make something that a friend or loved one might like in their home, or that you can just spruce up your own space with. But sometimes you get a few too many crafts in your home and you aren’t sure where to get started (we have a fix for that), or you need something to help organize all your supplies!

Well, lucky for you we have just the thing! Or, rather, Christine from ChristineCreatesCo has the perfect thing for organizing your supplies even while you are in the middle of crafting!


Now, we’d like to start off by saying that this craft mat is made of silicone - meaning it is super easy to clean and store! But what we love even more than that are all the little areas on the mat that are oh-so-perfect for just about any type of craft you could imagine.

There is a small pop-up cup with inner rings that let you pop it up to the exact size you need, some smoother low-edged rings to keep small crafts in place, a paint tray, and of course a wide open middle space for you to do your actual crafting project in!

You could easily use this silicone mat for SO many projects, from painting to jewelry making and all sorts of other things. Best of all it is also safe for your kiddos to use, meaning (hopefully) less mess for you to clean up once everything is done.

And speaking of being done, you can just rinse off the mat in your sink and lay it out to dry, then use it again the next time you or the littles want to craft! It is that easy, and honestly, we love it for that reason alone!

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